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Automating routine paperwork

Sick and tired of typing in them docs? We digitalize paper forms migrating data automatically.

Provide us with the doc, docs, docx, odt, pages, rtf, txt,... form templates you or your clients are required to fill in often. Typie digitalises it & .... 


... you get a user friendly interface to help your company & clients handle the necessary document sets you ask them to fill in but this time much quicker!


Typie types only once!

The data you insert once gets autofilled allover! Just fill in the remaining fields & thank us for saving you hours :) ... Preview &


... & generate: Typie migrates your data on the complete set of ready-to-sign forms in pdf that you get by mail; a cloud service or your local server

How it works

How it works

Product sneak peek

Typie makes forms smart

cause life's too short for bad wine... & endless paperwork


Eliminate typos by providing repetitive data only once- Typie autofills it in all identical fields for you


Fill & handle large set of document forms 80% quicker (applications, declarations, contracts, etc)


Visualise all required forms at once to avoid messy folders & the risk to miss out filling some documents

Signing Contract
  • Public administration handling
    administrative procedures like work permit & visa applications & many others are 70% quicker to handle

  • Office administration & HR
    Make your internal operations less time-consuming & frustrating for your employees

  • Legal & accounting document sets
    Contracts, declarations and application sets of any kind can be quicker to fill & easier to manage with Typie!

Business Contract
  • Funding & grant application management
    quicker proposal & application handling

  • VCs & Investment management
    quicker startup diligence & onboarding

  • Trading & Investment management
    for easier customer diligence & onboarding

  • Banking
    for diligence, PNL related Q&A & company account registration

  • Delivery service providers
    for easier company account setup & registration of your corporate clients

  • Real estate property transactions
    embed a custom document filler service

  • SAAS providers
    embed a custom document filler service with countless functionalities in the software you build & provide

Typie is made for...

Who is it for

Saas studio

"The Typie team digitalized the entire set of paperwork required for foreign IT specialist relocation procedures. Extrapolating and pre-filling data from personal documents & generating the entire set of applications by filling 1 unique form saves so much time and effort for us!"
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Make your clients happier & your operations faster :)

Type less - enjoy more with Typie!

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